The night before the morning after

So – it is 5:30pm on Friday evening. I have wrapped up work and studies, set my out-of-office email auto-reply, and stopped my work apps from syncing and notifying on my phone. I am slowly starting to switch off from the world, and turn my attention to my trip.

I am about to start packing and faffing with gear. I love this part of my trips – it feels like I am making sure I have everything I need for a good and successful adventure when my bike is loaded and my bags all packed. It is a very satisfying feeling to be ready to roll, and I hope to get everything I can done this evening.

There will always be last minute panics about “OMG did I pack my thingy”, and there are also things I can’t pack til the last minute – toothbrush and deodorant, sunglasses and my water flask, and similar. However, I am now going to make the lists that I would normally have been creating a tweaking for a few weeks by this stage.

Once the lists are done, I am going to attach my new toy to the bike. New for this tour, I bought a GoPro camera to film a bikes-eye-view of the travel. There will be hours of footage to trawl through, and this is a new tool for me so there will probably be a few days of fiddling and tweaking before I get the settings right. But, my hope is to put together a video of the tour.

Anyway – here is a little more detail on the plan for the trip. See y’all on the road

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