Three more sleeps

So we packed most of our stuff on the weekend. We have each managed to fit our clothing (other than shoes) into a saddlebag, but all the stuff for the bike, plus laptop, chargers and more will need to fit into the top box, and that will only be finalised on Friday before we leave.

I bought a bunch of locks and chains and other security for the bike after a fellow resident told me some horror stories of bikes getting stolen here. We won’t take them all with us on the trip, but will take a subset, as we will be leaving the bike in a number of public places during the tour.

I a trying to stay focussed at work, and not check out before Friday, but it is difficult. I am really looking forward to this long-awaited trip. One slight downer – the weather has been glorious for a few weeks, but today it is wet and raining quite hard, and probably 10 degrees cooler than it has been for a month. I hope this passes before Friday.

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