And the final scores are in!

Day 1HomeDelta17351983248
Day 2DeltaMoab19832189206
Day 3MoabAztec21892448259
Day 4AztecSanta Fe24482693245
Day 5Santa FePagosa Springs26932987294
Day 6Pagosa SpringsGlenwood Springs29873329342
Day 7Glenwood SpringsHome33293485156

For those of you who are statistically minded, here is a table of the mileage logs. Day 6 was the longest, Day 7 the shortest. I averaged exactly 250 miles per day. I am working on an awards ceremony, and will share the results when they are publicly announced. There are some very close categories, and the competition is stiff. Watch this space.

One thought on “And the final scores are in!”

  1. Hi Brad,
    Don’t know why I’ve only just found this, but just enjoyed reading it. Your trip sounds wonderful……..


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