Tour of the Pacific Coast Highway

Well well well. We find ourselves living on a different continent, with new bikes, in fact with a whole new life. We moved to Seattle at the end of June 2019, and have spent the last 6 weeks working hard to set up a new life here in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.

Part of living the American dream has meant an investment in motorcycles. We both have beautiful Harleys now, and have been exploring the regions around Seattle. This is a great location to be, with some beautiful mountains, water, views and curvy roads, and we have already done a fair few miles.

As far back as I can remember, my best friend from school has called me Mr B. At the tender young age of 10, Dave and I sat next to each in class, and bonded over many mutual interests, including a significant dislike of of our class teacher, who was a real bitch. I am not often personal about other people in my blogs, but this excuse for an educator took a negative view of me, and so the intense dislike was reciprocal.

Anyway, it ain’t about her, or even Dave (mostly), but about my own Mr B – since my son Ben was born I have called him by many names – including “Mr B”. The youngest of my progeny has come out to Washington state for a month of relaxation and escape, and we have planned a bike trip of our own, which I am looking forward to sharing with you.

I said this wasn’t about Dave – who goes by “Doctor D” in our naming convention, but he, his wonderful wife Laurie, and my god-daughter Maia live just north of San Francisco, and so Ben and I thought that a quick road-trip down the pacific coast to visit them would be a good use of our time. We have booked a few places to stay, and are planning to hug the coast most of the way south to the Bay area, returning a little more inland to give us a more varied view of the 3 Pacific states (sorry Hawaii and Alaska, I am just referring to the lower 48).

2 nights are planned on the way down to visit our friends, with 3 stops once we leave their home in the beautiful Mill Valley to head back to Seattle. Mill Valley is about 15 minutes north of the Golden Gate bridge.

The planned route and mileage is as follows – but as usual, I aim to report back each night, and keep a log of the miles and route as we go.

 DestinationPlanned miles
Day 1Newport, OR311
Day 2Eureka, CA312
Day 3Mill Valley, CA287
Day 4Mill Valley, CA0
Day 5Manchester, CA118
Day 6Happy Camp, CA307
Day 7Portland, OR314
Day 8Home179

Total Planned Miles1828