Day 16 – Halifax to London – 224 miles

Last and final. We are back home, washing is on, bags are unpacked, cats are purring and Jessica has to think about how loud her TV is for the first time in 2 weeks.

We had a pretty easy run down the A1 today. It was another glorious day, pretty warm, and a nice day to be out on the bikes. We had some of our bagels that we had brought from Edinburgh for breakfast with Span and Priya, and then did our final load-up.  We found a car wash and had the bikes hand-washed this morning before we left Halifax, then filled up and got on the road.

It was a good ride today, and got warmer as we went on. I took off a couple of layers and we switched to summer gloves. It was too warm by the time we hit London and had to queue to go through the blackwall tunnel. We got home around 3:45 pm, and were quite good (Lena more than me) about tackling the post-holiday chores so that we could put things away and settle in to a tidy-ish house.

This has been a fab holiday. I have massively enjoyed the trip – seeing Lena learn the ropes as a long-trip rider has been very satisfying; the roads and views we found were spectacular, we found new parts of Scotland to return to, and ate and drank our way around this beautiful country in style.

Thanks for sticking with us if you have been reading this on the way. As always I have enjoyed chronicling the trip, and will return to these memories often.

Before I go, here are some final statistics for you – actual recorded miles:

From To Miles Km Rank
Day 1 Home Halifax 227 365 2
Day 2 Halifax Castle Douglas 194 312 4
Day 3 Castle Douglas Loch Lomond 119 192 8
Day 4 Loch Lomond Lochgilphead 84 135 11
Day 5 Lochgilphead Port Ellen – Islay 20 32 16
Day 6 Port Ellen – Islay Oban 23 37 15
Day 7 Oban Kinloch Rannoch 90 145 10
Day 8 Kinloch Rannoch Aviemore 81 130 12
Day 9 Aviemore Aviemore 67 108 13
Day 10 Aviemore Aviemore 33 53 14
Day 11 Aviemore Skye 161 259 5
Day 12 Skye Fort WIlliam 140 225 6
Day 13 Fort WIlliam Pitlochry 107 172 9
Day 14 Pitlochry Edinburgh 121 195 7
Day 15 Edinburgh Halifax 251 404 1
Day 16 Halifax Home 224 360 3
TOTAL 1942 3125
Average miles/day 121