Day 3 – Castle Douglas to Loch Lomond – 119 miles

It rained a lot overnight. I was oblivious though, as I fell asleep pretty much as soon as we got back from dinner. I slept the sleep of the righteous, and we woke to an overcast by dry day. Good breakfast in the B&B, and we then went through the packing routine to get the bike ready. The B&B owners, Linda and John came out to chat and inspect the bikes, and make the kind of small talk that makes the biker world go round.

We left at about 10 am. We followed a pretty route towards Ayr. The roads were mostly empty, and wound through small villages and forests on our way. The odd loch appeared to, and even though it drizzled from time to time, the ride was very pretty as we headed northwest and then turned more directly north near Ayr.

We dropped off our route just south of the Clyde for a small detour, near Bishopton, and rode to a small coffee shop, where we met our friend Brian. We had a coffee and a sandwich, and chatted for an hour or two, then got back on the road. We crossed over the Clyde on the Erskine bridge, and stopped soon thereafter for petrol. The traffic between Glasgow and Loch Lomond is always pretty busy, and today was no exception. In spite of the grim weather, the Scottish were out in force.

It did not take long to meet Loch Lomond, which reflected the odd bit of sky and sunlight to our right as we wound along the shore, passing the small villages alongside this famous loch. Soon enough we came to the sign for Luss, and turned right onto the loch-side, where we found our nights accommodation – the Loch Lomond Arms hotel. Still dry, we unloaded, and checked in to our room. A few quick logistical activities later, we set off for a stroll along the shore. We passed by some pretty houses, and few gift shops. Lena had an ice-cream, and we popped into the smoke house, where we bought some cheese and mussels.

Back at the hotel we had a couple of pints, and sat outside as the sun had appeared. We ate our smoked things, drank beer, and felt wonderful. We are now back in our room resting in preparation for dinner in half an hour. Who knows what culinary delights await us……

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