T minus 1 and counting

Hello all, from a very excited Greenwich. We are mostly packed up and ready to head out on our big new adventure tomorrow morning. This is an exciting time, because there are a bunch of firsts accompanying the trip – along with the anticipation of two weeks on the road.

Those of you who have been paying attention know that Lena passed her bike test a couple of months ago, got herself a brand new bike, and is ready to ride alongside me on our first big two-bike trip. Also, although Lena has been to Scotland, it has only been to spend time in Edinburgh, so she has all the rest of bonnie Scotland to explore. The lochs, coast, islands, highlands and mountains await us.

Our trip plan is on the front page of the blog, we are spending a total of 16 days on the road. Aside from 3 nights in Aviemore at a bike rally, we are not staying in the same place for more than one night, so we will be moving a lot, and hoping to see much of the beauty that Scotland has to offer. Unfortunately we have been checking the weather forecast, and it is promising to be cold and wet for the duration of our trip. However, the weather forecast has been wrong before, and I am hoping that we find some bits of sunshine under the rainbow.

Tomorrow is a work day, so we are going to load up, head to our respective offices where we will park up the bikes and do an honest days work without losing focus or being too excited. Late afternoon I will head up to UCL to collect JellyBean, and we will hit the road just in time to mingle with the Friday night rush of traffic out of London. We are heading to Halifax, to see the new home of Span and Priya, which I am looking forward to.

I aim to keep this blog updated every day, as is my wont with these types of trips. Keep coming back to track our progress, read hilarious tales of the road, and watch us bumble around Scotland.