This was the main page when we planned and then undertook our tour of the alps and lakes in 2017

So – we are off on our next big adventure. I have created a blog site to track our travels, so that our nearest and dearest (and you, dear reader) can follow us as we wind our way through the Alpine passes and clear blue lakesides of Europe.

6 years ago, I proposed to Lena while on a bike tour, which took us over the French Alps, via the famous Route Napoleon, to Nice. We loved the tour so much, and were determined to do another, particularly through the Alps – which were stunningly beautiful, and a joy to bike through. Things like weddings, honeymoons, moving to London and more seem to have gotten in the way, but we have been planning this upcoming tour for a while. Our trusty Suzuki Bandit 1250, which took us on the last trip, was retired earlier this year, and in its place I finally got a Harley.

Yes – I admit it – I bought an old-mans bike. We need comfort, tons of luggage, and a CD player, so I finally bought a beast of a machine to provide all this, and more. She is called “Big Blue” – because she is big, and blue, and  beautiful.

We are setting off on July 14th from London, in the late afternoon, and cross into France on the Eurotunnel, so that we can start our Saturday morning, the first full day of our holiday, already into France and ready to chew up some miles.

I am going to try keep this site as a journal of the trip. Here is a link to an approximate map of our trip. It is not totally accurate, and will no doubt change each day as we find new things to explore, but it should give a sense of the plans we have.

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