Last full day in France

Day 10. Troyes to Boulogne sur Mer. 432 Kms, 268 miles.
For breakfast we walked back toward town, and stopped at a supermarket for juice and yoghurts, and then at a real French boulanger for fresh croissants. They were marvelous, and we ate while we packed up. We had decided that we would go on the toll road today, as we had a fair bit of milage to cover. So most of the journey went by quickly, but boringly.
We only travelled about 4 hours, but covered more Kms than most days where we had travelled far more hours. Our lunch was particularly notable -half n apple, and some M&M’s.

Boulogne sur Mer
We arrived at small hotel in the bus station, and I was a bit dubious about it, but actually the room was fine. After unpacking, we walked about ten minutes to the beach, but it was a bit windy, and though we tried, a full swim was unwise. Back to the hotel, a quick shower, checked the train times for the morning, then off for a walk.Once again this city surprised us. Only ten minutes walk from the hotel is a walled ancient town, in perfect repair, hosting lovely old buildings, churches, offices, consulates, and restaurants. We chose one of these, having been scared off by the prices of the first establishment we went to, and had the best meal of our holiday in a place called Les Grilladines. The waiter was very friendly, welcoming and knowledgeable, and the food was devine. We had a bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon, and that was excellent too. The perfect final meal and end to our ten days in France.

Our favourite restaurant of the whole trip
Tomorrow it is an early start to get the train under the sea, then a full day of hard driving to get back home. We are hoping to get home tomorrow, otherwise we will be home on Sunday at some stage.

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  1. If your holiday has been only half as good as your commentary, then it has been the holiday of a lifetime!! Eat your heart out, Bill Bryson!!
    Mith xxx

  2. Thanks Mom – I enjoyed the wiritng almost as much as I enjoyed the holiday. I think as my mother may be a bit biased about my writing skills, though. Bx

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